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2000 Fender Masterbuilt "1960 Closet Classic Stratocaster"
A beautiful creation from Masterbuilder Jason Davis. This awesome guitar sports a 3-tone sunburst finish and bound maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. I contacted Jason about his creations and he said this model uses regular 60's stock pickups. He also said, "I would include some small dings om the Closet Classic as it would probably have if it were 25+ years-old." The pickguard also shows some "aging" on the lower half of the pickguard. Comes withj COA, case candy and a lightly relic'd G&G tweed case. This is one sweet sounding Strat. I would rate this as a 9.9/10.

2004 TRUSSART Rusty Steelcaster Deluxe
If you know anything about Trussarts, they are true works of art. This is a 2004 Rusty Steelcaster Deluxe, with alligator finish, holey back, bigsby and stained maple neck. It is stocked with Seymour Duncans - something you don't see too much in the later models. This thing actually growls unplugged when you strum it. Condition is "like new." Comes with a faux alligator deluxe G&G case. Includes original hang tags.

2006 TOM ANDERSON Crowdster Plus
Take the standard Crowdster model and add an Anderson electric guitar pickup made specifically for the Crowdster +. Blend in or select impressive supplemental electric guitar sounds to augment Crowdster's already substantial acoustic voice. Amp it as an acoustic,an electric or, with the use of a special guitar cable, run it through two amps simultaneously, accessing both the acoustic and electric outputs. This has an incredible maple top. Includes original hang tag, instructions for the Buzz Feiten tuning system and OHSC. A solid 9.8/10.

1984 STEINBERGER XP2 Bass Guitar
A beautiful creation .

2010 CROOK Telecaster (Brad Paisley model)
A beautiful creation .

Dr. Z Maz 18 NR 2-10" Combo
w/Brake-Lite Attenuator and Road Case - Like New!

A beautiful creation .

2004 TACOMA Baritone Acoustic Guitar - model #BM6C
A beautiful creation .

TACOMA Bass Acoustic Guitar - model #CB10C
A beautiful creation .

2002 TACOMA M1 Mandolin
A beautiful creation .